Gordons Imported - Frozen Semen

Australian Stubble Quail (Coturnix pectoralis)
Photo courtesy of Sally Grundy, Mundoo Island Station, South Australia.


Our  Imports 



UK Sh Ch Shannas Daimler - "Bentley" (Frozen semen)
(Sh Ch Glynderys High n'Mighty with Liric X Shannas Romance)
DOB 27/09/1998         BVA/KC Hip score 9/15
PRA (rcd4 gene) carrier or affected
Carries the Liver gene


 Top UK Gordon Setter Puppy 1999 (GSA, BGSC & Pedigree Petfoods)     

Runner-up Top Gordon Setter in the UK 2000  

 Top Gordon Setter in the UK 2001    

Top Gordon Setter in the UK 2002    

Prior to Bentley's tragic death in early 2003, he had been awarded 26 CC's, 23 BOB's and 13 Reserve CC's !

Our everlasting thanks to Bonnie & Ronnie Scougall of Shannas Kennels, Scotland, for allowing us to import semen from this wonderful Gordon in 2002. We look forward with confidence to his ongoing influence on the breed here in Australia.


"Beautiful shape & movement, well made all through, lovely head, super balance, good angles throughout, correct pelvis & topline, super stride. Still young & with full maturity will be even better." Frank Kane, November 2000

"A super ambassador for the breed with his abundance of desired breed points, terrific ring presence, and has that little extra that draws the eye to him as soon as he appears in the ring. Strong dog of masculine appearance with lovely head & expression, super neck & forehand and in super coat & condition. Great bone, depth of body and substance,  well muscled. A really nice example of the breed and it was particularly pleasing to note that several of the class winners were his progeny. Looked very impressive in the Group Competition at the end of the day." Dr Ron James, September 2001






  Multi Ch Shannas Journalist - "Jo" (Frozen semen)
(UK Sh Ch Wickenberry Philosopher at Liric X Shannas Midnight Breeze)
DOB 28/11/1992          BVA/KC Hip score 7/4
PRA (rcd4 gene) affected
Carries the Liver gene

Best in Show GORDONS 2000


Sire of one of the Top UK Show winning male Gordon Setters in history  - UK Sh Ch Caballus Ebonie Adonis Ludstar - "Antti"


Jo's titles include:-

Italian Champion, International Champion, European Champion, World Champion 1995-96-97, Monaco Champion, Puerto Rican Champion, German Champion, Producer Champion ENCI, German Bundessieger, Europasieger, Austrian Bundessieger, Belgian Winner, Copenhagen Vinder, Austrian Jugend Bundessieger, and Junior Champion ENCI.

We are forever indebted to Drs.  Ludovica and Michele Ivaldi from the renowned Ludstar Gordon Setter Kennels in Italy,
for this wonderful opportunity in 2013 to include "Jo" in our breeding plans.







Ita/Int Ch, UK Sh Ch Caballus Ebonie Adonis Ludstar - "Antti" (Frozen semen)
(Ita/Int Ch Shannas Journalist X Triseter Ebonie Nerissa)
DOB 04/04/1999       BVA/KC Hip score 3/5
PRA (rcd4 gene) carrier

Top  Gordon Setter in the UK 2003

Top Gordon Setter in the UK 2004

UK general Championship Show Group winner and multiple placegetter

One of the top Male UK Challenge Certificate winners in history - 41 CC's, 27 BOB's, 14 Reserve CC's

Antti's titles include:-

Junior Monaco Champion, Junior World Champion, German Jugendclubseiger, German Bundessieger, Italian Champion, Monaco Champion, International Champion, UK Show Champion, and European Champion.

We are forever indebted to Dr's  Ludovica and Michele Ivaldi from the renowned Ludstar Gordon Setter Kennels in Italy,
for this wonderful opportunity in 2013 to include "Antti" in our breeding plans.

We would also like to acknowledge the huge influence that Frances Boxall (Laurelhach Gordon Setters) had on Antti's career,
handling him to the majority of his successes in the show ring, and with whom he lived for most of his life.








 Bryerdale Oor Cantona - "Eric " (Frozen semen)

(Hernwood Texas Ranger X Bryerdale McCancan)
DOB 02/08/2011     BVA/KC Hip score 7/6
PRA (rcd4 gene) Clear


 Winner of 2 Reserve CC's and the sire of 1 UK Show Champion

Eric has a beautiful temperament and a very interesting pedigree, being a UK bred dog that carries approximately 85% American lines. He shares several ancestors with our "BJ" - Supreme Ch Drumdaroch Beamers Run.

Many thanks indeed to our lovely friend from Lincolnshire in the UK, Annette Mappin, for sharing her precious Eric with us xx





UK Sh Ch Bryerdale Quantas (AI) - "Sully" (Frozen semen)

(Ch Carnoustie Mr Bojangles X UK Sh Ch Bryerdale Texas Star) 
DOB 26/03/2019  BVA/KC hip score 5/7
PRA (rcd4 gene) Clear

Best Of Breed, CRUFTS 2022 
Dog CC and r/up BOB CRUFTS 2023

7 CC's and 7 Reserve CC's to date

Gordon Setter Association, Top UK Stud Dog 2023








UK Sh Ch/FCI Int Ch/Am Ch Carnoustie Let The Game Begin (AI) (Exp Australia to the UK) - "Stevie G" (Frozen semen)

((ITA/Int Ch Shannas Journalist (Scotland-Italy) X Ch Carnoustie Contrary To Ordinary (AI))
DOB 05/07/2019 BVA/KC hip score 5/5
PRA (rcd4 gene) Carrier
Carries the Liver gene by DNA test.

Best Of Breed, CRUFTS 2024 

4 CC's (3 with BOB) and 1 reserve CC to date. 

"Carnoustie Let The Game Begin (AI), Imp Australia. Loved his overall balance and outline. Head balanced with parallel planes, deep in muzzle, lovely eye and expression. Neck long, set well into sloping shoulder. Chest deep and well ribbed back, loin strong, hindquarters broad, well turned to short pasterns and good feet. When moved at a steady pace he shows great carriage with an easy ground covering reach and drive. Presented in super coat and condition. CC and Best of Breed".

Mr David Bell, Blackpool Championship Show, June 2023.


"Both my dog CC and bitch CC winners really showed many exhibits how to move correctly with drive and true covering the ground movement, with correct foot fall. It was splitting hairs for BOB, but the dog kept his topline throughout, which was the deciding factor today. Thank you for bringing them.


OD (13, 0) This was certainly a class of male Gordon Setters to remember, making it extremely difficult to shortlist. Some exhibits just need a bit more time to fully mature, and some were not quite as free in movement, but it was no disgrace for any of them not to be shortlisted and placed. Thank you for bringing them.

1) Newton & Cornum & Timmermann’s, Int Ch/Sh Ch Carnoustie Let The Game Begin (AI) (Imp Aus), top size male of 4 years who still has time to fully mature as would be expected from this breed. Balanced head showing no coarseness, with low set ears, clearly defined stop and dark eyes. Strong neck leading into correct shoulder placement which flowed into level topline and correct croup. Ribs well sprung showing lung room. Correct flat bone but would like a clearer tan. Correct bend of stifle which was well muscled together with short hocks which he used to cover the ground, showing strong driving movement using his tail to complete the picture. DCC and BOB."

Mrs Frances Boxhall, Laurelhach Gordon Setters, CRUFTS 2024







UK Sh Ch Glenmaurangi Mandalorian JW  - "Bleu" (Frozen semen)

((Hernwood Storm Rider X UK Sh Ch Flaxheath Top Model (Top UK Gundog 2021, Top Gordon Setter 2021 & 2022 - 30 CC's, 18 BOB, 13 Res CC's to date))
DOB 02/07/2020 BVA/KC hip score 5/5
PRA (rcd4 gene) Clear

Carries only Black by DNA test.

5 CC's, 2 BOB, and 1 Reserve CC to date


We are hugely grateful to Angela Phillips - Glenmaurangi Kennels, Tereza Watkins, and Emily Miles, for sharing their stunning young dog with us.






Ludstar Maccabee At Glenquin (Exp Italy to the UK) - "Mac" (Frozen semen)

((ITA Ch/UK Sh Ch Ludstar Frederick Frankenstein (Current UK Breed Record Holder - 50 CC's and 11 Res CC's, 43 BOB) X Ludstar Guiditta))
DOB 28/05/2020 BVA/KC hip score 7/7
PRA (rcd4 gene) Clear

Carries only black by DNA test.

1 CC (BOB) to date


It takes a Village. Our sincere and heartfelt thanks to Drs.  Ludovica and Michele Ivaldi - Ludstar  Kennels in Italy, to Paul Johnstone and family - Glenquin Kennels in the UK, and to Frances Boxall -  Laurelhach Gordon Setters, also in the UK.

"Ludstar Maccabee At Glenquin (Imp Italy). This boy was presented in super coat and condition. Deep colour coat and markings. Excelled in neck and shoulder. Deep in chest with long sweeping stifle, presenting balanced outline." Mr David Bell, Blackpool Championship Show June 2023.


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